It's World Animal Day: Abused Animals Are Still Adorable, And They Deserve All The Love They Can Get

Date October 4, 2018 18:45

Physical abuse is, perhaps, the most common form of abuse animals face, but it is not the only one. Neglect, intentional starvation, and badgering constitute abuse. There's also a relatively unknown form of abuse called animal hoarding, which stands for cases when people take on more pets than they can manage, and eventually, become neglectful. About 32.4% of animals in America are neglected. 

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In the United States, dogs are the most common victims of abuse, and pit bulls top the list. Some people use them in sports and gain profit off dogfighting. Animal abuse is a felony in all 50 states of America, and culprits can spend more than a year in jail if convicted.

World Animal Day

Yearly, on October 4, we celebrate World Animal Day. This special day is set to raise awareness about animal protection and gather funds for causes and charities that cater to animals' welfare globally.

Activities planned for the day are designed to mobilize people around the world to action in the race to ensure animals are treated fairly. Sensitization and education campaigns are a big part of the day’s celebration.

Educating children about the need to protect animals is very important. Some schools hold special animal-friendly events, educational movies, and competitions.

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Take care of abused animals

There are still millions of homeless and abused animals in America and World Animal Day is a reminder that these creatures need all the love they can get. Fostering is a great way to show you care about animals.

From pneumonia and constant vet trips, to healthy and full of zoomies. Going on three months with this nugget. from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption

For those willing to go the long haul, adoption is a good option. Animals tend to be happier with human company. Volunteering at animal shelters on a regular basis not only reduces the stress of the staff, but it also allows animals to enjoy the company, too.

Some people prefer not get directly involved with animals in shelters, but donations in cash and kindness can help. Also, reporting cases of abuse can help troubled animals, especially as they cannot speak for themselves.

October to December - Ziggy from r/BeforeNAfterAdoption

Above all, pet owners should lead by example and love their pets. It is easy to pass judgment on others when ignoring cruelty right under our noses. When the chips are down, there is no difference between one abused dog and the next, no matter where they live.

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