True Hero: Meet The Incredible Man Gave His All To Rescue 64 Forgotten Dogs And Cats During Hurricane Florence

Date September 21, 2018 15:39

When hurricanes struck, a lot of animals get forgotten while people rush their families and belongings to safety. It's heartbreaking to think of helpless cats and dogs, who barely understand what's happening, but definitely know they're in danger.

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It's especially risky for animals locked in shelters. One video depicted volunteers rescuing scared dogs from a locked cage when hurricane Florence was ravaging the Carolina coast.

Luckily, there are more people like those volunteers, who are willing to spare a little time in order to help out our furry friends.

No cats or dogs left behind

Tony Alsup is on his way to become the country's biggest animal savior. When hurricane Florence was flooding the streets of South Carolina, the trucker from Tennessee went to four local towns in order to find abandoned cats and dogs and transfer them to safety.

He got 64 cats and dogs to safety, and he did it in style.

Tony started doing this during 2017's hurricane Harvey, when he forked out $3,200 on a school bus in order to evacuate pets and get them to safe shelters.

Alsup and his 'saving grace' bus couldn't ignore South Carolina, as he knew there would definitely be a lot of animals that could fill spots on his vehicle. Although it's dangerous for him to be driving in such terrible conditions, he can't ignore poor pets.

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All animals are delivered to shelters, where other volunteers will find them safe homes.

Tony told Greenville News:

I love it. People don’t believe me, they say it’s got to be barking crazy. But no. They know I’m the Alpha dog and I’m not here to hurt them.

We can only imagine how grateful the animals are. People were also very impressed with Tony's actions and praised him for his kindness.

Some comments left on social media

We need more people like Tony Alsup and other volunteers, who don't neglect poor animals at times of need.

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