Selfless Boy Melted Our Hearts With His Wonderful Idea To Raise Money For His Dear Dog's Treatment

Date September 14, 2018 17:22

A young boy from Russia completely melted our hearts with his amazing story. 8-year-old Arseniy Mikhaylov loves dogs. He adopted two strays and vowed to love and care of them.

Sadly, one of the dogs was very sick, and needed expensive treatment. Arseniy's parents couldn't afford the medicine, so he decided to make the money any way he could. Being a smart and inventive boy helped Arseniy, so he came up with an idea to seel lemonade on the street to raise enough funds for his furry friend.

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Locals were touched by Arseniy's intentions and kept buying refreshments from him, and soon enough he had enough money. The boy told local news that he got an idea from American movies, and was thrilled it worked.

His dog Archie got the needed treatment and is now happier than ever provided by Arseniy's love.

Impressed comments on social media

People absolutely loved the story and praised Arseniy's kindness.

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Svetlana Nazarenko: The boy has a very kind face. He's so precious. I wish him all the best :)

Tatiana Eel: if this is true...then he's the real HUMAN!

Natalia Fedoseeva: This is so incredibly touching and nice to know there are such kind children out there.

Sergey Melnikov: The boy definitely has a big and kind heart!

Similar story

Another 10-year-old boy in New York decided to sell his toys in order to help his sick service dog.

Connor Jayne needed his dog because he was his emotional supporter and helped the boy cope with anxiety, so he knew he needed to do whatever it takes to save his closest friend.

It's amazing what children are willing to do for their dogs, these stories warmed our hearts!

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