Woman Adopted A Tiny Sick Kitten. A Year Later, It Weighs Nearly As His Owner


May 22, 2018 16:56 By Fabiosa

This woman adopted a small sick kitten. In a year, she I could hardly believe her eyes! When Justina Strumilaite and her family adopted a kitten named Brownie, they did it mostly out of pity.

Brownie was a small, weak, and sickly pet. Nobody really believed that the little ball of fur could survive for a long time.

Brownie was the smallest among his siblings and was born with a defect – only two fingers on his front left paw. Shortly after birth, Brownie refused food and began to lose weight.

But neither Justina nor Brownie gave in. The girl somehow persuaded the kitten to eat and drink, and he began to show signs of recovery.

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Very soon, Brownie got bigger, stronger, and as all kittens - hyper energetic. Justina recalled he was more of a dog than a cat, following her everywhere.

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A whole year passed, and Brownie went from being a miserable tiny creature to a huge and splendid cat.

His fur is so thick and fluffy that demands daily brushing! No one would have thought that the sickly kitten would turn into such a magnificent feline. Fortunately, Brownie has its beloved Justina taking care of him.

Luckily for both of them, back then, Justina decided to look after the smallest of the litter. And luckily for everybody, Brownie is here to remind us that we should show kindness even to the smallest ones!

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