Being On Her Own In A Cold Alley, Dog Rosie Was Saved One Happy Morning By A Shelter's Worker

Date March 6, 2019 16:21

Adoption is one of the best things a human being can do toward animals. Sadly, a lot of cats and dogs are being abandoned, tortured, and even murdered, but there are still many ways to save and help them. 

This dog was saved, can you do the same?

Before Rosie was adopted by a kind-hearted man, she was living on her own after a cruel abandonment in a Davenport's alley one morning. She had no clue what it felt to be loved and cared for by someone. 


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When Rosie was found by a couple and brought to a local animal shelter, her nails were curled around and grown into her paw pads. Moreover, all of her ribs were clearly visible and she could not walk at all. 

But when Jeremy, one of the shelter's workers, met Rosie, he fell for her instantly, taking her home that day. 


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During 6 months, beautiful Rosie was undergoing medical check-ups, and the doctors believe she has lysosomal storage disease, which is almost always fatal. 


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But the horrible past and lethal disease haven't stopped Rosie! She is so in love with her foster family that she enjoys every day by running, playing, and howling along to Rihanna's songs. 


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Rosie's foster family has no single idea of how long she will be with them, but they plan to spoil her for as long as she lets them. 

Please, be kind - animals are in need

Just like we, humans, animals also need love and care. Even if they can't express their words like people, all they need our attention and genuine attachment from you. 

The world would be so much better if people like Jeremy would adopt any pet, who is in foster care. If you ever have such a chance, take it - you'll never regret. 

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