Mommies Are Saved! Nanny-Cat Finds A Perfect Way To Make Babies Fall Asleep In Under A Minute

Date June 14, 2019 13:55

It is not a secret that babies and cats often become good friends and spend lots of time together. Nevertheless, it takes some time and efforts to introduce cats and newborn babies, so that their friendship can start.

Some sources recommend preparing in advance before the baby arrives. For example, it might be a good idea to wear baby powder or lotion in advance so that cats can associate smells with someone they already know.

When the baby is already in the house, it is necessary to remember that cats communicate with scent. So, it might be a good idea to give a pet a chance to smell the baby before he actually sees it.

Best nanny for a baby

It seems that this cat has already established good friendly relations with the baby. Moreover, he invented an effective way to calm a child.

On the video below, acat shows a perfect way to make a baby fall asleep in just a minute!

It seems this cat really enjoys his role of the baby's nanny! What a caring pet he is!

Of course, this cat is not the only one who tried to put a baby to sleep. On the video, we can see some other excellent examples of how a cat can become an awesome nanny.

Cats are indeed good nannies for little children!