Dog Billy Knows What It’s Like To Be Abandoned, So He Adopts A Bunch Of Kittens And Other Baby Animals To Share His Love With Them

Date May 16, 2018 13:53

At first glance, inter-species adoption might be something rare and out-of-the-ordinary. However, in reality, things are a bit different, and it’s not hard to find cases when a dog adopted a kitten. That’s what we love dogs for – they are always willing to share their love and care with someone else, even if it’s not exactly like them.

YouTube and internet on the whole are full of stories where dogs adopted kittens, wolf cubs, different birdies, and other non-canine mammals. All of them are so touching it’s hard to describe what emotions they awake. So just take your time and enjoy the story of a once abandoned dog who helps raise kittens and other baby animals.

Meet our new kitten Lester. Loved by our dog in under a second.

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Billy the dog was abandoned as a puppy on a side road. That’s where he was picked up and found his home. But he appeared to be not the only animal in the house. He is perfect at adopting both kittens and chicken. And that’s a proven fact. He’s already helped to raise a bunch of kittens. In addition to playing with them, he served as their dad. The dog knew when they needed cleaning and did it so easily.

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What is more, he became a dad to a few chickens whose mother abandoned them. Billy is very protective of them, and now when they are big, he still loves fooling around with them.

Billy’s story isn’t unique. The world knows a multitude of similar cases when species of a different kind were adopted by others, and the only thing that differed them was their looks.

Litter of floofs adopt a dog.

Animals, unlike people, have learned appearance doesn’t matter, and the only important thing is what’s inside.

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