Whose Puppies Are These? Woman Requests Paternity Test After Her White Dog Delivers Black Pups

Date February 18, 2019

Pets are amazing creatures and have become an indispensable part of many homes, but sometimes they can broing about some incredibly shocking circumstances.

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That was the case for Jacqueline Arguello when her dog gave birth. Of course, this should be no big deal, but when you've got parents that are sparkling white, and the puppies have dark fur, questions begin to pour in.

While speaking to BuzzFeedNews, Jacqueline disclosed that she and her family were surprised by the occurrence.

Her dog, Mocca, was rarely let out of the house. And so when she met an equally white-furred male, fell in love and got pregnant, they were expecting super white puppies like their parents.

However, when the babies came, they were everything but white. This led Jacqueline to suspect that Mocca had snuck out to be with another dog as she sought explanations for what was happening.

She took the story to social media and shared images of her dog and black-furred puppies on her Twitter page.

The post was accompanied by a scene from the show ‘Maury.’ It went viral, generating different kinds of reactions from several people.

A particularly hilarious response from a commenter, @fleshsoftnerr, read:

Jacqueline even jokingly revealed that she might request a paternity test for the pups, although she admitted that the condition might have been a result of a recessive black gene in the parents, which ended up being true.

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Currently, the hilarious post has generated almost 50k retweets and over 85k likes. Despite it being unexpected, it remains a pleasant surprise for the family.

As disclosed by Jacqueline, she's glad they have healthy pups, and will eventually wait to see if they end up looking like their dad.

Well, we'd go with the recessive gene story, and believe Mocca chose to remain faithful. If not, we still wish her and her puppies all the best.

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