Humane Society International Are Transferring About 200 Dogs Out Of The Awful Conditions Of Dog Meat Trading In South Korea

Date February 15, 2019

The ancient practice of consuming dog meat, called ‘Gaegogi’, was conducted in the Three Kingdoms of Korea in the first century AD.

A report updated by the Korean Animal Rights Advocates (KARA) revealed that an estimate of 780,000 to 1 million dogs are consumed yearly in South Korea.

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Humane Society International Are Transferring About 200 Dogs Out Of The Awful Conditions Of Dog Meat Trading In South KoreaNevskii Dmitrii /

Therefore, it came as a huge relief when the Taepyeong-dong complex, the abattoir responsible for the death of thousands of dogs yearly, was shut down by South Korean government in 2018.

This happened five years after the city council of Seongnam voted to have the dog meat trade business terminated.

In June 2018, a native court in South Korea implemented a new law which states that slaughtering dogs for meat is illegal.

Unfortunately, applying the new law isn't necessarily the hardest part, but getting to the 24,671 facilities storing 521,201 dogs, according to South Korea’s Statistical Information, is the most difficult.

Luckily, the Humane Society International (HSI) recently discovered a dog meat and puppy mill farm in Hongseong, in Western South Korea.

The dogs include pomeranians, french bulldogs, chihuahuas, shih tzus, huskies, Yorkshire terriers, poodle, and corgis. The HSI animal rescue team found the various breeds in despicable conditions on a farm in Hongseong.

For eight years, the dogs were kept in old rusted cages with little or no water and food. Many looked emaciated, with matted furs and had several injuries on their body. Unfortunately, pets that couldn't be sold ended up in the slaughterhouse.

Present generations of South Koreans are not enthusiastic about the tradition of dog meat trading, which is why Lee Sang-gu, the farm owner, legally gave up his source of income to the HSI.

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The Animal Rescue Team went to Hongseong by air to save about 200 dogs and show them the humane part of the world, unlike the cruelty they have known. However, the rescue team needs donations, which can be made through this link.

This is the right time for all of humanity to show their benevolence and prove to these animals that the world can be a better place. The Humane Society International needs all the support they can get now, and we all should endeavor to play a part to help.

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