“I Was Gobsmacked:” Alaska Resident Woke Up To Rumpus Just To See Lynx Family Playing On His Porch

Date February 18, 2019 13:57

We get fascinated by wildlife. Even the slightest glimpse of it can delight our nature-loving selves, but close encounters are absolutely incredible. That’s what an Alaska resident was thinking when he saw a bunch of lynxes playing on his porch.

Photographer Tim Newton told Dodo that he woke due to a disturbance and thought it may be a burglar. He figured out the noise was coming from the outside, but when he peeped out, he could not believe what he saw.

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The cutest lynx kittens were having a fun time right on his porch. He stood there shocked by the view. Newton had a chance to see those amazing felines before, but only from a distance.

He was not new to wild nature encounters either; surrounded by forest, he got used to running into wild animals, but not once did he witness them playing like that only a few steps away. Luckily, he had a camera.

They were running back and forth, pouncing on each other.

To see all these lynx on my deck, I was gobsmacked.

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Pretty soon, all 7 kittens and their mom got together and sat still as if for a perfect family photo! A moment after, they started to chase each other again, rolling on the deck and wrestling like typical siblings.

After watching the bunch of lynx kids playing restlessly, Newton said about the mother:

She has her hands full. I’ve concluded that lynx must spend 1 per cent of their waking lives chasing rabbits, and 99 per cent chasing their kids. What a handful!

Eventually, the whole clan returned to the woods after spending some time on the man’s porch. The photographer could not believe how lucky he was to witness these amazing creatures so close!

Lynxes are nocturnal animals, so they are rarely seen. They also give birth to a little of 1 to 4 kittens, so it was quite amazing to see the 7 of the youngsters.

Now we all can appreciate the great shots he made. Wild nature is truly astonishing!

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