Very Good Boy! Dog Adopts 9 Orphaned Ducklings, And The Internet Is Melting

Date May 29, 2018 16:10

An adorable dog has adopted nine orphaned ducklings, and watching them all together is one of the cutest things ever.

Fred is a good boy

A bunch of orphaned ducklings who didn't know what to do found comfort with a gorgeous labrador named Fred.

Some staff at the Mountfitchet Castle noticed the nine ducklings wandering around alone. They suspected something must have happened to the birds' parents. 

They looked into the matter and discovered that the ducks' mother had disappeared. Imagining what a cold and lonely world it must be for the baby ducks, the staff took them home where they got to meet their hero, Fred.

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Fred took his job as a single dad very seriously. Jeremy Goldsmith, the owner of the castle, told BBC that when the ducklings came home, they were so young and vulnerable that they could not even feed themselves.

The dog, who Goldsmith described as having a "lovely nature," was only too happy to step up.

Fred became their babysitter, teacher and, ultimately, their parent. The lab would go swimming with the birds and lounge under the sun with his body protectively curled around his duck-children.

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The ducklings would not be ready to fend for themselves for a while, but Fred did not mind caring for them until then. 

People are in love

Fred's story went viral after it was shared on the Mountfitchet Castle social media page. The amazing dog became hugely popular, and many applauded him for showing such unconditional love to the little birdies.

Another awesome dog

Last year, a Husky dog became an internet sensation after he adopted a stray kitten. Check out the cute story in the video below.

We really cannot get enough of dogs showing compassion and helping smaller animals find their way. These stories are a reminder of the innate compassion and love these creatures possess.

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