Lovely Without The Fluff! Sphynx Cats Are Challenging The Stereotypes With Their Breathtaking Beauty

Date November 9, 2018 12:20

The remarkable thing is Sphynx cats like human attention and naturally, they get tons of wherever they go. People be like; Hello there, are you from another planet? Nope, these cats are just different kind of beautiful.

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Originally called as Canadian Hairless Cat, Sphynx was born out of a genetic mutation to a domestic cat, Elizabeth in Toronto who had black and white fur. The gene for hairlessness in cats is recessive, meaning sometimes hairless cats may give birth to furry cats all the same. Their breeding and popularity started in mid-1970's. These unique creatures have no different personality than other breeds. All they demand is love and endless human attention!

The name, Sphynx was given by inspiration from a huge limestone sculpture in the Egyptian desert. The monument that was shaped smooth over the millennia through strikes of wind, sand, and rain storms.


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Wow, it sounds more like a prestigious title for breaking all conventional beauty stereotypes!

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Cutest trio ever

Apart from their unearthly beauty Hodu, Maru and Jadu from Korea are amazingly charming and playful. The Sphynx trio's owner definitely treats them as friends. Despite getting against the standard cuteness of other cat breeds, their alienating presence is one of a kind. 


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Hodu was born on 29, May 2016. The male cat has the eyes to melt hearts!


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Maru was welcomed on 24, May 2017. He is younger to Hodu but their bonding is strong. And again the puppy eyes!


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Jadu joined the band 21, June 2018. She is a lovely little cuddle ball!


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These cats live together and made their own happily ever after. Cutest ever!

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Tips to take care of Sphynx beauties

 They are special so their need a specialized care routine as well. The hairless cats require excessive grooming and pampering.


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Here are some tips from Avoderm Natural to get you started:

  • they should be given a bath as often as possible as they have no fur to separate sweat and oils from the skin;
  • ear cleaning is a must;
  • look out for acne popped from the moisture build-up;
  • clip their nails regularly as hairless paws catch more dirt;
  • keep note of their temperature in cold weather with blankets and don't overheat as well;
  • they need a lot of socialization, attend with love as they can even get depressed.

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Bonus trait: They like water, unlike other breeds and have no shedding problem. Phew! And that's all it takes to pet a Sphynx. They are just royalties. Share this if believe their appeal is not less other fluff-balls!

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