This Is Monstrosity! Couple Was Shocked As They Found A Poor Puppy In A Sealed Box

Date November 9, 2018 09:51

It's sad that people need to be reminded how to be actively compassionate. Even how to practice basic humanity!

Animal Sake has presented some statistics to give a blurred idea about the monstrosity that animals face inflicted by their masters. Along with domestic uses, animals are further exploited for entertainment, research, and fashion purposes. This cruelty expands to 32.4% of animals who are poorly neglected to the point of starvation, 11.6% are shot for different amusements or emergencies.

This Is Monstrosity! Couple Was Shocked As They Found A Poor Puppy In A Sealed BoxPedro Vidal /

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Other reports confirm innocent animals being suffocated, tortured, sold in trades for animal fight clubs, beaten and most commonly abandoned. Too much for even a human mind to imagine. It's time, we confront this reality surfaced in the following story!

Puppy left in a packed box

On Halloween morning, Guillermo Reyes and his wife, Gloria from El Monte, found something frightening as they walked by the side of the road. A strangely moving cardboard box with a black garbage bag tied around it tightly!

When the couple took a closer look, they saw a dog's snout poking through the container. They immediately tore it open. Their hearts sank as a scared, weak golden retriever puppy was found packed inside. The Reyeses expressed their saddening shock to Dodo:

It’s hard to comprehend how someone can consciously take a puppy and leave it to die intentionally like that.

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Now named Dexter, the puppy was rushed to a vet where they found his lungs barely holding on due to oxygen deprivation. Doctors also discovered parvovirus disease in him that attacks a dog's intestines. This could be proved fatal if Dexter had not been treated on time. Fortunately, the 8 weeks old pretty pup got all the help he needed. 

The animal rescuer, Piper Wood believed that a Backyard Breeder might have mercilessly abandoned him. Dexter is learning to live again at Hand In Paw shelter in California. They are quite positive that he will find a loving family soon. After all, he is a very handsome lad!

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Stop animal abuse

Yes! you can. Side with these adorable ones by being vigilant and attentive to ongoing cruelty. Generally, look out for any animals that might be freezing out in cold or need food. If you suspect that any local personnel or firm is practicing ill-treatment towards them, raise a loud voice. Call authorities and don't hesitate to prepare yourself to testify in court. 

This Is Monstrosity! Couple Was Shocked As They Found A Poor Puppy In A Sealed BoxVK Studio /

All these breathing fluff balls need--is you love and kindness. They may not know who you are but you do, a human. Share this to preach safety to them and condemn animal abuse!

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