Chicken Love: This Sweet Hen Wouldn't Let A Rat Snake Go After It Had Diner Inside Her Pen


September 10, 2018 15:36 By Fabiosa

Hens may look oblivious of everything going on around them when they stroll around, pecking at the ground. However, it turns out they are more intelligent than most people think. Author Lori Marino is a scientist studying the behavior of farm animals and says chickens are quite self-aware.

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In a paper published in Animal Cognition on January 2, 2017, Marino says that chickens possess a type of empathy called emotional contagion. Also, chickens develop personality traits just like people do, they learn from each other and even play tricks on each other sometimes.

And if there is one thing chickens are known for, it’s their maternal instincts. A woman in Texas shared this image taken in a hencoop showing a hen sitting on a large rat snake. Apparently, the rat snake just had a meal and was resting; then the nice hen decided to sit on it and keep it warm.

Hen on rat snakewhatsnakesetx / Facebook

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Sara Allisson said she had no idea what to do about the situation. She was a bit worried that the other hens and chickens would attack the snake if it tried to get away. Still, she could not stay up all night with the chicken and its odd chick.

Hen on rat snakewhatsnakesetx / Facebook

Be cautious!

Rat snakes can be a big nuisance around homes and they can be found in many parts of America. Their common feature is a love for rats and not much else. The best way to get rid of them is to call animal control.

Rat snake in AmericaValt Ahyppo /

In most cases, the root of the problem may be the rats, so do not be surprised if fixing a rat problem is a big part of the rat snake solution. Do not for any reason try to tackle a rat snake or any kind of snake by yourself. Let the professionals do it. It’s the best way to stay safe.

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