8 Amazing Pictures That Depict The Love Farm Animals Have For Humans

Date February 18, 2019 16:24

Without a doubt, animals are one of nature's greatest gifts to man. They are an inevitable part of our lives, acting as symbols and fantastical heroes while we're kids, and as we grow up, we get to see them as amazing companions and pets.

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8 Amazing Pictures That Depict The Love Farm Animals Have For HumansDrew Rawcliffe /

From the little cock on the local farm to the big bull, goat, chicken and loyal dog, these animals provide endless love. Sadly, the affection is often not reciprocated as they are often victims of abuse and animal violence, including farm animals.

Nevertheless, many humans have stepped up to have these incredible creatures by their side as their best friends. Here are 8 heart melting pictures taken all over the world, and all of which remind us of the overwhelming affection these animals can offer.

1. Gabby the chicken


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To everyone else, Gabby is just a cute puff chicken, but to Juggling Daisies, she could not have asked for a better best friend.

2. Who takes the best selfies?


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Want to make your Mondays less hectic? Talk to Sarah. Tip: She gets the early week smile on by taking beautiful selfies with baby goats.

3. We share secrets at times

Sometimes we wonder if animals and humans speak the same language. Well, that might be true.

4. What a big kiss!

Of course, we all function better when there's a feathery friend to cuddle.

5. They relax you

What better way is there to relax than spending time with the calmest goat in the world?

6. They enjoy human affection so much


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I might be furry, but I sure do appreciate a friendly hug!

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7. Look into my eyes bestie


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We're best of friends, nothing less. "She's my whole world!"

8. Sometimes you see yourself in them


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What a sweet bond these two share!

How to take care of farm animals

As seen from images above, these animals can grow to become an indispensable part of our lives. However, this comes with responsibility, and that is to ensure their safety and adequate welfare. Here are tips on how to take care of farm animals.

1. Provide a healthy and clean living condition;

2. Ensure the animals get sufficient nutrition;

8 Amazing Pictures That Depict The Love Farm Animals Have For HumansInnalex /

3. Allow them to have fun and exercise, as this promotes good health;

4. Interact with them regularly to build a connection and friendship.

Surely, with the right approach, farm animals can provide excellent companionship for many. However, love needs to be reciprocated.

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