Adorable Video Shows Man Playing With A Lion Cub As If It Were A Kitten

Date February 13, 2019 14:55

The dream for many animal lovers is to be surrounded by these beautiful creatures and have a wonderful time with them, while keeping them safe and protected. So we have to admit that Max Strong is definitely living dream.


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Max, a former football star, now works for the wildlife reserve 'Wildlife In Need', in Southern Indiana, and he has been sharing his experience with his hundreds of thousands of Instagram followers.


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On his social media page, Max thrills fans with pictures and videos of his playing with tigers, lions and even swimming with pigs. 

In an interview with A Sea Of Blue, Max revealed that, at the moment, he was absolutely enjoying spending his time with these lovely creatures. He said that while he wasn't sure what to do with the rest of his life, this time with animals was fun and exciting for him. 


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While expressing his love for animals, he described working with them as an "amazing opportunity" and revealed that one thing people didn't know about him was that he would like to own a tiger someday.

Max is not a stranger to spending time with animals that others may consider dangerous. Take this video of him, for instance. The handsome young man could be seen petting a super cute lion cub that seemed to enjoy the attention. 

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How has Max been able to develop a bond with this animal? He explained:

With almost any animal, you get out what you put in. So if you spend enough time with them, they will stay friendly with you.


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He added that the owner of the wildlife where he now worked had hand-raised tigers for more than two decades and, now, he can confidently hang out with multiple full-grown cats and have a good time with them.

When asked if he had ever been hurt while playing with the animals, Max replied:

 I really haven't. I've been fortunate and definitely hope it stays that way.


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He admitted that while working with the animals could be potentially dangerous, he always made sure to take necessary precautions and to always be watchful.

Max Strong has chosen to be committed to his love of animals. Based on some of his social media content, it's pretty clear that they enjoy being around him, too. What a fantastic way to connect with wildlife and make memories.

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