Naughty Snakes: Pythons Fighting For Affection Of Female Fall Through A Woman's Bedroom Ceiling


September 19, 2018 16:13 By Fabiosa

The carpet python, commonly known as the carpet snake, is quite large and scary looking, yet non-venomous, representative of the family Pythonidae. They are often found in Australia, so it doesn’t come as a surprise for locals to spot one in the grass.

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But what is surprising and, it’s fair to say, even shocking, is when you are in the middle of your night time routine, preparing for bed, when suddenly – BOOM! – two fighting carpet pythons fall through the ceiling into your room.

Fighting for love

Such a strange scenario happened to Brisbane residents before they called for a snake catcher, Lara Field. Lara decided it would be a good idea to record a video of the fight between the two snakes, because frankly, this is not something you see every day.

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The video shows two carpet pythons intertwined in a wrestling match, apparently for the affection of a female snake. According to Field, they started fighting in the house's air ducts, but then they fell through a ceiling vent into the bedroom. Of course, snakes in the middle of combat is a sight to see, but it’s not ideal when you are about to hit the hay.

Field explained her chill attitude saying that the two scaly-skinned warriors will probably not attack her as they are too busy fighting each other. Pythons fight when they smell the female snake pheromones nearby. Considering that they were battling in the air ducts, it might indicate that a female python was somewhere close. Maybe, in the walls...Or in the attic. Spooky, right?

How to prevent carpet pythons from visiting your home

According to snake catcher Julia Baker, male pythons can travel miles if they smell a female snake. That’s why it’s a good idea to check the holes in your roof and other places snakes can hide in.

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In order to prevent snakes laying eggs in your garden, get rid of compost or make sure they can’t get to it. And remember, if you see a snake, back off and give it some space.

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