There Are Various Ways To Help An Abused Animal Even If You Cannot Adopt It!

Date October 30, 2018 16:09

So many animals become victims of abuse each day. You won’t believe it, but the absolute stars of the Internet, cats, also suffer from the “human hand.” How can one abuse such cute and defenseless creature? The answer is much simpler than you might’ve thought. Most of the abusers are the owners who simply neglect their feline pets. However, there are other cases, which include curious or aggressive kids, who physically abuse stray cats, as well as emotionally unstable adults, who can harm their pets. What can we do about this issue? We can report any suspected animal abuse, or adopt an abused cat and become its new, loving family. But first, we need to know the signs of a mistreated animal.

There Are Various Ways To Help An Abused Animal Even If You Cannot Adopt It!frantic00 /

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Characteristics of an abused cat

Abused cats share many similar signs with mistreated dogs. Felines may have physical indicators of abuse as well as behavioral changes. It can be hard to notice the latter ones, so we will begin with the most obvious physical signs of abuse:

  • open or chronic untreated wounds, scars;
  • untreated scaly skin, bumps, or rashes;
  • limping or inability to stand normally;
  • heavy discharge from the nose or eyes;
  • bruise, fractures, muscle strains;
  • missing teeth;
  • missing body parts (tail, limbs, ears, etc.);
  • being left alone outside without any food or water for a long time.

Some of the most common behavioral signs of abused cat may include:

  • lack of trust to people;
  • lack of activity (apathy);
  • hiding or hunkering in a corner, isolation;
  • extreme attachment or fear of being left alone;
  • extreme aggressiveness.

There Are Various Ways To Help An Abused Animal Even If You Cannot Adopt It!Abandoned stray cat is being petted by a personGoncharov_Artem /

Nika – the snow survivor

Abused cats can be anywhere. If you see a stray cat, most likely it was abandoned. No one knows what happened to Nika, but she wouldn’t make it if not the attentiveness and kindness of her new family. The 6-month-old kitten was found at the road in conditions that can be hardly called friendly. It was only the cold snow that surrounded the poor creature. Nika was completely frozen. Anyone would freeze, as it was -1 °F or -18 °C outside.

There Are Various Ways To Help An Abused Animal Even If You Cannot Adopt It!Small cat is comletely frozen and covered in snowCatPusic / YouTube

Luckily, somebody noticed her and pulled over the car. The kitten was warmed up by the radiator and lamp. Although she managed to survive, the half of her tail needed to be amputated because of frostbite. Nika successfully underwent surgery and now enjoys her life in her caring and loving family.

There Are Various Ways To Help An Abused Animal Even If You Cannot Adopt It!Small cat successfully underwent surgery amputation of tailCatPusic / YouTube

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How to help an abused cat recover?

If you want to adopt a cat or kitten that was previously abused, the very first thing you need to create is a calm and loving atmosphere in your home. In addition, there are some general tips you may want to follow:

  • be patient, let your cat adjust to the new living conditions;
  • protect your cat from the feeling of fear;
  • improve your cat’s confidence by gradually arranging situations where it succeeds;
  • adequate exercises and a healthy diet are vital for quick recovery;
  • give your cat its own safe place;
  • never shout or hit your cat;
  • water, food, and your attention should be for free.

There Are Various Ways To Help An Abused Animal Even If You Cannot Adopt It!Abused sick cat lying on the veterinarian's handsRJ22 /

Depending on a trauma the cat may have received, it may take a lot of time for it to accommodate. Be patient and don’t push. Providing all the basic needs and demanding nothing in return is the most successful philosophy when trying to rehabilitate an abused cat. Over time, you will be surprised to see the wonderful transformation of your pet.

However, we know that some people cannot afford the adoption, and it’s absolutely fine. In such case, it is important to report any suspected case of animal abuse to your local agency, call 9-1-1 (in case of a life-threatening situation), or drive the abused animal to the nearest vet clinic. Most animals (especially domestic) cannot help or take care of themselves, that’s why it is up to us to do everything we can to help them.

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