All Hail The Champ! Year-Old Mastiff Mix Tied Up For Days Without Food Is Feeling Much Better Now

Date August 23, 2018

An Upstate woman is on the wrong side of the law for maltreating a dog. Last Friday, Lauren’s County Sherriff’s Office revealed that Elizabeth James, a resident of Lisbon Road in Laurens, left a year-old Mastiff mix tied to a tree on her property for 30 days without food and water.

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Investigators who discovered the horrific site said the animal was severely emaciated, malnourished and even had maggots inside its mouth. What makes the story even sadder is that James had another dog on the same property in perfect health.

She lied about the dog

Sheriff's Captain Chris Martin told 7News that when questioned, the woman said she intentionally refused to feed or care for the dog on purpose after her boyfriend left it with her.

Later on, she tried to change her story, insisting that the dog refused to eat or drink anything, hence the sorry state animal control found it in. Sherriff Don Reynolds had a firm word for people who have the habit of neglecting pets.

Inhumane treatment of animals will not be tolerated on my watch. No animal should have to go without food and water.

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He's doing much better now

In the meantime, the dog named “Champ” is receiving treatment a "Rescue Dogs Rock NYC", a 24-hour vet clinic in Columbia. Jackie O'Sullivan, a representative of the outfit said that “Champ” is responding well to treatment.

“Champ’s” story is getting a lot of attention on Facebook and a page created by "Justice for Champ" to raise funds for his treatment has summed over $1,000 since Friday.

Animals are like children and deserve care and attention. There is never a good enough reason to maltreat them. James, if convicted, could face up to 90 days in jail for her behavior and fines of up to $1,000. As for "Champ", we hope he makes it through this rough patch.

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