Baby Elephant Almost Plunged To Death But The Caring Mother Miraculously Saved Him From Drowning

Date October 4, 2018 10:46

We humans think that only we are able to express our attachment to our offsprings. Only we are protective and compassionate. But this footage will change your perception about all animals. They are certainly capable of nurturing as well as taking care of their babies!

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She extended her trunk and hold on to her baby. All this time she didn't let him go or give up, like a true super mama!

Mother elephant actively saved her baby

It's astonishing to witness such a motherly feat to rescue the baby elephant. He almost died and drowned while crossing the bridge over a deadly rushing river. It could take away her dear baby forever. But she went against the tides to save the calf.

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Her surprising maternal instincts

It is so relatable to humans, to watch her be on guard for her child. The animal possessed all the human mothers' senses in which she suspects the danger and protects her babies. They aren't different from us after all!

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Things elephants have in common with us

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These loving giant mammals are so much like humans. Seeker enlightens us about our similarities:

  •  females have strong maternal instincts and love their children all the way;

  • they also have complex societies including different types of individuals, wanderers or family oriented elephants;

  • they do form attachments and mourn the dead;

  • they honor their family and show love towards friends;

  • they play and have fun too;

  • they have long memories.

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