Bond Beyond Capability: A Little Baby And An Abandoned Disabled Dog Became Best Friends

Date October 1, 2018 18:48

Normally, friendship is considered between two equals. But some bonds are created solely on the base of compassion. Our pets connect with us without any words and still manage to touch hearts. These cuties seamlessly become a vital part of our lives. 

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The friendship between dogs and children can be useful

According to ChildrenSMD, dogs can teach children responsibility and patience. They made kids compassionate and empathetic. Dogs are playful and fun. Ultimately, they help children socialize and make them feel open. Later in life, such kids make more meaningful and strong friendships.

With the proper training and supervision, a dog can improve your child’s life. After all, dogs are basically four-legged kids who refuse to grow up. 

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A toddler and disabled dog became best friends

A poor pub named Echo was in line to be killed humanely as she was born both deaf and blind. However, a kind-hearted lady named Marion Dwyer came to her rescue and adopted her. She took care of the dog and gave her as much attention as she could.

Dwyer was expecting a baby girl. The loyal dog somehow sensed it and surprisingly gave so much attention to Dwyer’s belly. It was like they were fated to become close friends.

As soon as baby Jennie was born, Echo was attached to her. As the infant grew up a little, they were inseparable. The duo loved doing everything together, from eating to snuggling, playing and taking walks.

It's enough to melt hearts that Jennie can't speak yet, and since Echo is deaf, the pair only communicates through touch. This unconventional bond of trust has caught social media attention. They are endlessly loved and adored!

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Another sweet story

Tupper, a boy with Autism gets along with his dog, Lego, so well that it has changed his life. His dog knows exactly how to make his nightmares stop and calm him down.

Lego cuddles and helps him sleep through the night. He also senses when Tupper is stressed and needs to be comforted. They are each other's absolute favorite.

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