Cutest Animal Duo Ever! A Golden Retriever Affectionately Saved A Baby Koala And Now They Are BFF

Date October 4, 2018 13:33

Looking for another BFF duo to follow? Well, sorry to disappoint, they aren't on Instagram yet. Let us present to you the animals who are savagely cute!

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A dog rescued a koala

A golden retriever, Asha has saved a koala, now named Joey from death in a miraculous rescue that stunned everyone. The dog took in an abandoned baby koala. He saved the little one by letting it snuggle in her fur.

In the morning, the pet's owner, Kerry McKinnon's husband pointed out something unbelievable. A koala sweetly cuddled up to Asha! She told Australia News:

 The helpless tiny koala would have never made it through the freezing cold night without the dog.

The 5-year-old dog is a proud hero. It impossible to separate them now, as the koala is always clung to her. They act playful and happy. Showing the ultimate BFF goals!

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People took their cuteness seriously

The koala was saddled up on Asha's back. Inevitably, their adorable photos went viral on social media. 

How can someone possibly handle so much cuteness? Cry, laugh or just cheer for these lovely animals!

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Another story of shared compassion

Molly is a 3-year-old golden retriever that lives at Carolina Equine Rescue Center in North Carolina. There, she is known for being affectionate towards rescued animals and comforts them.

Dogs are evidently, not just a man's best friend but every creature's best friend. Share if you agree!

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