Little Dog Spent An Entire Week In A Flooded House Before Being Miraculously Rescued By Brave Volunteers

Date October 4, 2018 18:43

Many people and pets are still recovering from the devastating hurricane Florence. One homeowner called the rescue team pleading with them to get her dog out of the flooded house. The volunteers made three attempts to get to the puppy, but the water was too high.

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Finally, the water level got down enough for the rescuers to open the door enough to see poor dog fighting for its life on a couch. The dog spent a week waiting for help.

The rescuers got the desperate dog out of the house safe and gave her first meal in over a week. She's back with her family, happy and finally safe.

Bravely saving the animals

Several volunteer organizations work tirelessly to save stranded animals from flooded streets and houses in South Carolina.

The rescuers search for dogs and cats that might've been locked in cages or houses in order to get them out and save their lives. Many poor animals were trapped in shelters, but, luckily, such organizations as PETA, Four Paws, and The Humane Society of the United States, don't intend to leave them behind.

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All animals get relocated to safe shelters and wait to be taken into new homes.

Grateful comments from people online

We're incredibly grateful to brave volunteers that don't ignore the pets and save many precious lives.

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