Nearly 200 Puppies Were Happily Saved After Being Found In Terrible Iowa’s Puppy Mill

Date November 14, 2018

Animals, as well as people, have the right to live with dignity and in normal conditions. But unfortunately, there are more and more cases showing the horrible treatment of poor animals.

And the last case happened in Iowa, where 170 dogs were saved from the crowded puppy mill. After the warrant was served to the owner, representatives of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals took the dogs.

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All dogs were in a really bad condition, scared, and showing signs of neglect. And it is not a surprise, taking into account the fact that they were kept in filthy kennels for quite a long time, and didn’t have any access to the drinking water.

The so-called puppy mill was located in Worth County, near the north-central border of Iowa and Minnesota. The case is now investigating.

Facebook users actively comment the situation, writing that Iowa state needs tougher laws to protect poor animals from cruelty.

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How to take care of a dog?

According to the WikiHow, here are some tips for dog owners:

  • maintain a good diet with well-balanced dog food and treats;
  • try not to give human food to dogs, as certain types of it can hurt or kill the animal;
  • weight should be maintained at a healthy level;
  • a dog should have a free access to the drinking water;
  • don’t forget about grooming and brushing teeth.

Nearly 200 Puppies Were Happily Saved After Being Found In Terrible Iowa’s Puppy MillAnna Hoychuk /

Fortunately, dogs from the Iowa puppy mill were saved and we hope they will never face such a cruelty again. Of course, taking care of a dog is not an easy task, but we are responsible for our pets and should do everything possible to keep them healthy and happy.

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