Medical Miracle! Groundbreaking Surgery Gives Cancer-Riddled Dog Another Chance At Life With Her 3-D Printed Brain Part

Date October 1, 2018 09:48

A groundbreaking procedure is giving animals a second chance at living disease-free lives.

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She had a life-threatening tumor

This new scientific miracle has changed the life of Patches, a 9-year-old dachshund from Ontario, who had been living with a debilitating form skull tumor that was beginning to creep into her brain and eye sockets.

Patches suffered because the tumor had become too large, weighing her head down. But, a groundbreaking surgery brought her back to her old self in no time.

Genius medical procedure

The procedure is the result of a genius collaboration by University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College and Cornell University where Dr. Michelle Oblak, a veterinary surgical oncology, worked with the small-animal surgeon, Galina Hayes.

It took all of 5 hours to insert the 3-d printed titanium skull replica of the segment that was surgically removed from Patches' brain when the tumor was excised. During the process, the dog was asleep and when she woke up, she was cancer-free.

Oblak believes this technology can lay the blueprint for similar surgeries in humans. But, procedures like these in humans have already been recorded.

In the Netherlands, a woman living with a disease that caused her cranium to thicken, got a brand new 3-d printed plastic cranium that saved her life. How dope is that!?

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