This Rescue Duck Petunia Greets Her Owner With A Fun Dog-Like Routine And People Are Obsessed With It

Date August 15, 2018 14:43

A Reddit user and her pet duck Petunia are going viral and the story behind their new found social media fame is too cute.

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Pet ducks anyone?

Apparently, Petunia was rescued by the woman who identifies herself simply as chantillylace9. And since then, both duck and owner have forged a really tight bond.

My rescued duck, Petunia, greeting me after a long day’s work! She’s the bestest girl and so happy to see me! She’s waiting for me to take out her macaw friend. from r/aww

Each time the woman returns home from her work day, an enthusiastic Petunia greets with a little ritual. She eagerly quacks and wags her duck tail.

People are in love with Petunia

Since the video was shared, it has been blowing up. Naturally, people are taken in by Petunia's show of loyalty, especially because for a majority of pet owners and lovers, this kind of behavior is strictly associated with dogs.




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The proud duck owner, pleased by all the attention Petunia is getting, has been sharing titbits about the duck's daily life and people on Reddit can't get enough.

More weird pets to love

If like them, you are an animal lover at heart and hooked on Petunia's antics, there's a world of absolutely cute and quirky pets waiting to be discovered.

Pigs, for instance, are just as intelligent as a dog and make great friendly pets. And if you are feeling brave enough, you could try out a pet bear, buffalo, or elephant. Go for it!

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