Cutest Panda On Earth Celebrates His Third Birthday, And National Zoo Prepared A Special Gift For Him: "We Celebrated In Style"

Date August 23, 2018

The cutest panda in the world celebrated his third birthday on Wednesday, as his caretakers made the celebration extra special.


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Meet Bei Bei

Bei Bei is a giant panda who resides at the Smithsonian National Zoo, in Washington. He is not just your regular cutie, as he is a part of the US-China relations panda diplomacy. Bei Bei will return to China when he turns 4.

In Chinese, his name means “precious treasure,” which totally describes the animal. The panda was born in 2015 and was named Bei Bei by the former first lady of the US Michelle Obama and the first lady of the People's Republic of China, Peng Liyuan.

The most adorable birthday boy

As part of Bei Bei’s birthday, the zoo’s caretakers prepared an ice-cake for him, which featured all of the panda’s favorite food.

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In a news release, the zoo wrote:

The tiers were made of diluted apple, cranberry, and grape juice with leaf-eater biscuit puree. It was decorated and filled with apples, pears, bananas, shredded carrots, and cooked sweet potatoes. The number 3 that topped the cake was made of diluted apple juice with a leaf-eater biscuit puree center.

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

People love Bei Bei

The giant panda, who is now close to 215 pounds, also enjoyed an animal-friendly painting session and received one more gift – a new toy.

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