Marvelous Reunion! After More Than A Decade Apart, Woman Who Lost Her Cat Got An Unexpected Call That Changed Her Life Forever

Date January 9, 2019 17:19

Regardless of where you live, you have probably seen a post with the tragic words, “Lost Cat or Lost Dog,” that are distributed by owners as they search for their pets. These posters, which are often accompanied by promises of rewards have become proof of the strong bond between people and their pets.

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In the United States, for instance, statistics show that every year, an estimated 5-7 million cats and dogs enter shelters from where efforts are made to reunite them to their families. To these organizations, reducing the time and stress from an individual search is a major priority since pets are important to the lives of their owners.

I lost my Boo in 2005

For Janet Adamowicz, 2005 was a tragic year for her as her lovely cat Boo, went missing and never returned again. Just like any other caring owner, Janet followed all the necessary processes, as she put posters up and even put a notice in the paper, as she was vigilant in her determination to find her cat. However, despite all her selfless efforts, she could not find Boo.


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To move on from the loss, Janet got two new pets who she loved as much as she did her lost Boo. However, while she had new pets in her life, she never lost hope and hoped for a reunion with her dear little friend who was only 4-years-old at the time.

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13 years later, Boo showed up!

13 years after the loss, Janet received a shocking phone call that changed her whole life. After being contacted by a local vet office in Harrogate, West Yorks, Janet’s memories of her past were rekindled.

To her surprise, Janet learned that 40 miles away, her beloved pet had shown up.

Everybody said that she knew me…she was rubbing my face and just recognized me.

Even after 13 years, Janet realized that true love never really goes away as it was just like they had seen each other the day before. Despite that Boo was now 17-years-old, she still seemed to recall her mother and she was not shy to express her ageless affection.

Tips for finding your missing cat

Well, while Janet’s journey to her lost pet Boo was hard, it is always important to note that following specific steps can help you to find your beloved friends.

Marvelous Reunion! After More Than A Decade Apart, Woman Who Lost Her Cat Got An Unexpected Call That Changed Her Life ForeverAfrica Studio /

Here are some useful tips to make your searches easier.

  1. Search for them thoroughly in and around your property.
  2. Expand your search into neighboring properties.
  3. Repeat your searches and vary the search-times.
  4. Use eye-catching posters to get the word out.
  5. Use the power of social media to place your information.
  6. Visit all shelters in your area.

Due to Janet’s diligent search in her own community, she was able to ensure that if her beloved cat ever showed up, she would always find a way back to her. So, when you work diligently to look for your frightened and lost pet, your selflessness will be rewarded with a reunion that you will remind you that your pet's love is forever.

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