Born Blind Cat Rescued A Sick Grandma From Cancer And Now Helps A Huge Family Of Seniors To Find Love And Peace

Date January 11, 2019 18:04

To be human is to be daring, happy, and joyful; qualities that make our lives worth living as we create meaningful experiences and leave wonderful legacies for future generations. However, sometimes, we also face significant hurdles such as pain and disease that make us weak and depressed; aspects that might make life hard for us.

Pets, however, have come to play a critical role in our lives as they provide much-needed help by being play and comfort partners, a role that helps to make our lives better. Therapy pets, in particular, have been found to create positive outcomes in alleviating depression and anxiety as they increase feelings of pleasure.


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This born blind cat saved a sick grandma from cancer

For Sue who adopted a born blind cat named Donny, she has witnessed first-hand the power of pets in transforming the lives of people. The cat, who was born with a condition known as cerebellar hypoplasia, which means that he had no eyes, was the perfect therapy cat as his friendliness and wobbliness made him adorable.


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When her owner decided to take the cat with her on visits to elderly homes, she noticed that he was great with everyone and even formed a special relationship with senior suffering from cancer.

While doctors thought the 88-year-old grandma was not going to make it, her daily visits with Donny, both at day and night made her comfortable. With time, the sweet grandma began to feel better and even her chemotherapy treatments began to work and within no time, the cancer was healed.

According to Sue, the fact that the grandmother got better is proof Donny’s special power as he provided her with the comfort she needed through her treatment.  


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Now, Donny has a larger family as he works with seniors who need therapy pets to feel better. Whenever he visits them, Donny makes new friends as he is passed around petted and provides the ‘purrfect’ company for everyone he meets. While he might not see, he definitely touches the lives of those around him.  


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‘God bless this beautiful kitty’

For most people, Donny’s story is inspirational and heart-warming not because he is blind, but because he provides much-needed help and joy to people who need it. 

Some also felt that the wonderful cat is a gift from God.

Others even went ahead to call Donny 'the boss.'

Donny’s story is inspirational as it is proof that therapy pets can make the lives of people better and the fact that he has helped so many people in need makes him the ultimate therapy cat.


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The story urges us to make positive choices especially by adopting pets with special needs since they might surprise us with their selfless love and kindness.

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