‘We Never Had To Teach You How To Love Our Daughter.’ Meet The Cutest Babysitting Dog Ever: Charlie The Beagle

Date January 17, 2019

To most people, pets are not just animals as they are also friends and even family members we can never replace.

For kids who grow up with pets, these bonds are deeper as their little friends are unconditional play buddies who are always down to play fetch and sometimes, they can even be rode like horses.


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Some of the major benefits of having pets include that they give unconditional love, teach empathy and responsibility, and according to studies; they have therapeutic effects for troubled children.


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Charlie the Beagle is the best babysitter in the world

If you take a casual scroll on YouTube or Instagram, you will find millions videos that feature lovely pets that have become rock stars by their own right. 


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Well, if you adore dogs, then you will definitely fall in love with Charlie, an Irish beagle that even has his own YouTube channel.

‘We Never Had To Teach You How To Love Our Daughter.’ Meet The Cutest Babysitting Dog Ever: Charlie The BeagleCharlie the Dog and Baby / YouTube

For Julia Kolpakova and her family, Charlie is not just a dog as the cute canine became the best babysitter they could ever ask for, a fact they realized when they had their first baby. From their first day together, the parents noticed that Charlie was extremely close to the little Laura as he tried to help everywhere he could.

When introducing the awesome doggo in a video featuring the friendly duo, the owners expressed their gratitude to the extraordinary animal as they confessed that his gift to them is something out of this world.

We taught you how to play on the keyboard, how to change traffic lights, how to put a blanked on a baby, even how to swing a baby crib, but we never had to teach you how to love our daughter.

And truly, the love between the two is strong and as Laura grew up, the dog became a dear friend, a play buddy, and sometimes, the sweet snuggle partner she needed. They literally do everything together!

While Laura is bigger now and they also have a new puppy named Lilly, their connection is still tight and they are proof that unconditional love never really fades.

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‘I can’t wait for my child and dog to be best friends’

For most people, dogs, and pets in general, are great for young children as they can help them learn how to love.

Charlie the Beagle’s inspirational story is proof that animals can mean more to the lives of children and when owners give them a chance, they can prove that they are the best caregivers.

It would surely seem that the saying that ‘a dog is man’s best friend’ should be changed since these majestic canines bring even greater joy to children.


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Did you have a pet friend growing up?  

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