Never Chain Your Dog! This Poor Pup Was Chained So Cruelly That She Could Not Move Her Head Or Relax. Now, She Is Glowing With Happiness


January 9, 2019 17:19 By Fabiosa

For most of us, pets are not just animals, but partners, friends, and family members who are irreplaceable. However, while many people make the most of their experiences with beloved pets, some still continue the practice that harms and hurts them every day.

According to animal rights activists, while the practice of dog chaining or tethering should never be practiced anywhere on the planet. Chaining, which involves the use of restraints to prevent the dog’s movement is unpopular since it was discovered that it harms dogs by scarring them both physically and mentally.


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Some of the reasons why people chain their dogs include the need to confine them from roaming, protecting them from other dangers, and even to make up for the lack of a proper fence. However, regardless of the reason, chaining your canine is ill-advised since it affects the beautiful animal’s quality of life.


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This poor dog suffered after being chained by its owner

For Cala, a guard-dog for a mechanic in San Jose, Costa Rica, a chain that was part of her unfortunate reality every day made her life hell on earth.

Firstly, her chain was so short that sometimes, she could not rest her head and to make matters worse, whenever she was sick, her owner never took her to see the vet. As if this was not enough, her owner also rarely fed her, factors that made her miserable since it was practically unspoken torture.

Lucky for Cala, her life changed for the best when neighbors decided to take action after noticing that she was indeed miserable. Taking matters into their own hands to help the sweet animal that suffered from extreme emaciation, malnutrition, and wounds, they contacted the Territorio de Zaguates animal shelter and also informed the police of the atrocities.

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Speaking on the dog’s condition when they rescued it, Lya Battle, the shelter’s founder shared that:

The picture I first saw of her showed a pitiful creature robbed of its dignity and ready to give up — a dog whose spirit had been broken and was just waiting for the end to come while living a never-ending nightmare.

After being rescued, Cala’s life became better as she underwent an amazing transformation at the shelter and later, was adopted into a home that would love and care for her.

According to Battle, Cala’s journey is an example of the epic “battle of good against bad” as the amazing doggo reclaimed its lost respect, health, and happiness.

Do not chain your dog!

Cala’s sad story and the latter spectacular transformation is proof that dogs should never be chained since it is neither right nor advisable. Some of the dangers of chaining your dog include:

  1. Chains are dangerous when tangled. When dogs are chained, they can also easily hang themselves when caught in other objects or structures, which makes the tethers a threat to their lives.
  2. Chained dogs are sitting ducks to other threats. When you chain your dog, it can be attacked by any other aggressive animals and even the weather and the sad thing is that it will be helpless.
  3. Chained dogs suffer from a lack of care. Additionally, when you chain your dog, you will not be able to recognize any developing problems and assist them.
  4. They become aggressive and territorial. A chained dog is more aggressive since they are unhappy and anxious about their territorial control.

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Therefore, wherever you are, always be a champion for humanity towards animals since they are important to our lives. If we truly love these animals, we should always treat them as the dignified animals they are.

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