Ball Of Fluff! Dog Groomer Transformed Cute Poodle Into A Perfect Sphere, Making It Look Like A Sheep

Date June 20, 2018

Animal groomer might seem like an ideal job for any animal lover. Just imagine working with pets, styling their soft fur, and making them look pretty.

Yoriko Hamachiyo, a dog groomer form Japan, is a real master when it comes to makeovers. She often shares the result of her work on Instagram where she has already gained almost 13 thousand followers!

Here are just a few adorable dog looks done by the talented groomer

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Yoriko’s makeovers always send her fans into frenzy, but there’s one particular puppy people can’t get enough of – teacup poodle named Sesame. The sweet pet’s fur has been fluffed and groomed to absolute perfection.

Now, Sesame looks like a ball of fluff, resembling a geometrically perfect sphere. The groomer wanted to make sure that her followers got a view from all angles, so she made a series of shots, showing Sesame’s tiny wagging tail and happy little face.

It’s no wonder the pics of the dog went viral, as people on Instagram are absolutely loving the makeover, thinking that Sesame now looks like a cute sheep or a soft hedgehog. Some even want to buy or adopt a teacup poodle just to take them to a groomer and recreate the look.

Would you like to have a doggy that looks like a sheep?

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