6-Month-Old Baby Suffered A Punctured Skull After Being Attacked By A Dog Her Parents Were Temporarily Housing

Date September 24, 2018

A baby girl was hospitalized with a punctured skull after being attacked by a dog. Her parents were housing the pet until they could find its owner.

Baby girl was attacked by a dog

6-month-old Adaliah Fritz from California suffered severe injuries after she was attacked by the dog that her parents took to their house.

Adaliah’s mother, Alandis Burson, was changing her diaper on the floor. When the woman turned away for a second, at that moment, the dog rushed to the baby and attacked her.

Alandis heard her daughter screaming and then saw blood on her face. The frightened woman grabbed the baby and ran outside calling for help.

Little Adaliah underwent a complicated surgery. Doctors had to retrieve small bone fragments on her brain.

At the moment, the baby girl is still in a hospital and keeps on recovering. Her family launched a donation page to raise funds for Adaliah’s further treatment.

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We keep praying for little Adaliah and wish this sweet baby girl a speedy recovery.

Dogs and children: safety rules

Dear parents, to reduce the danger of dogs bites and to protect your children, here is a list of recommendations useful to know:

1. Train your dog to obey commands, like “sit,” “drop,” etc.

2. Teach your kid to be gentle with the pet.

3. Never leave a little child and a dog alone without supervision.

4. Tell your child not to play with a pet when it’s eating or sleeping.

5. Reward a dog for a proper behavior with the child.

Follow these simple rules and keep your children safe!

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