How Can We Prevent Animal Abuse? By Learning The Most Common Signs And Reporting Cruelty To Animals

Date October 29, 2018 19:21

The only valid reason to hurt an animal is self-defense. However, people abuse animals for many other reasons, of which the most common ones are: by simply not realizing it; out of curiosity; and to receive benefits (emotional or material). Let’s look a little bit closer at these reasons.

Most of the time, people do not harm animals intentionally, where animal abuse manifests itself in the form of neglect, usually, when the owner fails to provide adequate living conditions or to fulfill the pet’s basic needs. The other group of people represents the second reason. It can happen for example, when kids hurt a stray cat just to see what’s going to happen. Such cruelty to animals happens sporadically and never last for a long period of time. However, the third group of people represents the worst reason. People who enjoy hurting animals often are diagnosed with a psychological disorder called zoosadism. However, whatever the reason is, if you want to help an abused animal, you need to know the signs.

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Signs of abused animal

The number of possible ways to abuse an animal is huge. Therefore, the signs of cruelty to animals are basically countless. However, we will describe the most common ones, so that you could identify animal abuse and help the poor creature. These are the signs of animal abuse in cats, dogs, and other domestic animals:

  • wounds because of the tight collar;
  • open or chronic wounds that are not treated;
  • untreated scaly skin, rashes, bumps;
  • parasite infestation (flea, tick, etc.);
  • extremely poor grooming;
  • limping or inability to stand normally;
  • heavy discharge from nose or eyes;
  • signs of physical abuse (bruises, fractures, etc.);
  • signs of extreme malnutrition or dehydration;
  • extremely aggressive behavior towards people;
  • unhealthy, unclean living conditions;
  • too small cages that restrict pets’ normal movement (inability to stand up or turn around).

Whether it is unintentional animal neglect or a horrible case of physical abuse, if you notice the signs of animal abuse described above and believe that the animal is in danger, please, report it to your local agency. If you, however, think that the situation requires immediate actions to be taken, call 9-1-1 as soon as possible.

How Can We Prevent Animal Abuse? By Learning The Most Common Signs And Reporting Cruelty To Animalsdog at the vetJaromir Chalabala /

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Kürbis stands for “pumpkin.”

Anyone can help abused animals, either by simply reporting the case of cruelty to animals, or just adopting a pet from a shelter. Not anyone can afford adopting a dog or a cat, we get it. But it has been proven by millions of people that pets can be the best companions and even change your life. Meet Kürbis, a senior pit bull, who was adopted by one loving and caring family.


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The pit bull had multiple scars and chunks missing from his ears and tongue. He also didn’t have many teeth. Kürbis was extremely malnourished, but most importantly he didn’t know how to be a dog. He had some of the typical characteristics of an abused dog: not reacting to commands, not interested in toys, lack of movement, etc. However, when the dog felt the family’s strong support, his personality started to shine. He loves to be carried, is keen on sweatshirts and goes crazy when he sees bubble wrap.  The young people showed Kürbis a new world, and he changed theirs.

Anyone who has a dog would agree that these creatures are more than just pets. They are true friends, family members, and loving companions. If you decide to help an abused dog, you should know some key recommendations: never hit the dog; try to keep your voice calm and do everything slowly; don’t try to pet it from behind; provide its own safe place; don’t force it to do anything it doesn’t want to do. We sincerely believe that any pet deserves to be treated with love and care.

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