After Years Of Neglect, Little Pumpkin The Pony Has Gotten Her Legs Back


May 15, 2018 12:35 By Fabiosa

Since 2012, Ashley DiFelice has been taking in wounded and maltreated horses into her Twist of Fate Farm and Sanctuary. The facility is a safe haven for horses who would otherwise be taken to the slaughter or euthanized as they were deemed unadoptable.

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She started out with two draft horses, Tonka and Levi, who were on their way to slaughter. Till date, she has rescued 30 horses and intends to take care of them for as long as their natural lives last.

Ashley DiFelice says that dumping horses after they outlived their use is a cruel act that must be discouraged. She hopes that well-meaning individuals will support her quest to give these animals a chance to live out their remaining years in comfort.

Pumpkin got her legs back

Little Pumpkin was born a dwarf and her owners were unable to provide the care needed to fix her legs. Thankfully, Ashley found them, and the owners surrendered the pony and her mother to Ashley.

The little pony was unable to walk as her legs were disfigured and he was carried everywhere he had to be.

But Ashley was able to get braces made for Pumpkin and from the moment he was let loose, the pony was skipping around, totally excited.

For now, she can move around on her own. Ashley hopes that as time progresses, her legs will heal and be able to support her weight so the braces can be removed.

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She’s up and about making new friends

Before Pumpkin got her braces, she was not allowed to go out and grace like the other animals. But now, with her attachments letting her walk and run freely, Pumpkin can mingle with the other animals. And she seems quite excited to be out.

She has made friends with Ashley’s son, Deacon and the little boy would join her on visits to Pumpkin. Now, they can play outside the stalls together like Deacon always wanted and have loads of fun.

It is heartwarming to see these animals living better lives than some of their previous owners were willing to provide, and we hope Ashley gets all the support she needs to keep her shelter open.

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