Lucky Canyon Puppy! Deserted Dog Found At The Foot Of The Grand Canyon Who Was Rescued By A Kind Man

Date November 5, 2018 17:06

The story of this dog being rescued is nothing less than a miracle for him!

The abandoned dog, now named Riley, was found trapped on June 20, 2010, at the bottom of a 350ft deep slot canyon in Arizona Dessert by Zak Anderegg. While he was hiking out alone at 8:30 in the morning, he shockingly saw a puppy stuck in the pothole. The kind man immediately reached the surface to bring him food, water, and a blanket. He couldn't rescue him on his own so he left the boy with enough supplies for a night and pulled him out the next day.

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The dog was dehydrated and unable to swallow any food. Zak got him treated at the Page Animal Hospital and after approximately 24 hours he started to respond. At that point, he was on his second IV bag barely clinging to life. Mr. Anderegg was feeling heartbroken until the puppy began to recover.

Years after his heroic rescue, Riley is now famous as the canyon puppy and he is living life to the fullest!

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The canyon puppy now

When Zak found him, he only weighed about 17 pounds. Through the combined efforts of his savior and the Page Animal Hospital, Riley is now happier than ever living with his Dad, Mom, and 3 brothers. The pretty boy now comes in at a healthy 75 pounds. 

He looks incredibly content and healthy. The canyon puppy beams with gratitude and true bliss!

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People who followed the pup's journey

His unbelievable restoration was watched over by his many fans over the years. Through this time, he has made friends, found his home and family in Zak. His rescuer was appreciated endlessly for his unconditional service to animals!

It hard to imagine how mercilessly the dog was dropped there to die. But people like Zak restores faith in humanity. Share if you agree!

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