10 Years Ago, Animal Rescuer Was Given 3 Months To Live, But Was Able To Survive Because Of His 3 Dogs

Date August 27, 2018 16:12

These days more people recognize the importance of saving animals and decide to adopt dogs instead of buying puppies from a pet store. There are tens of thosands of dogs who were either abandoned by their owner or were lost and they are in need of a human's care. Not surprisingly, rescue dogs can be even more loving and grateful for getting a second chance at a happy life with a family, which is why it's so crucial to give them love and a new home.

Marley's Mutts

Marley's Mutts is a non-profit organization, established in California's Kern County, which rescues, rehabilitates, and finds new homes for abandoned dogs.

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By 2018, Marley's Mutts saved over 5,000 dogs and expanded to include Miracle Mutts, which focuses on educating people about the importance of rescuing dogs and forming fulfilling relationships with animals.

The story of how Marley's Mutts came to be and its founder, Zach Skow, is incredibly touching and helps to understand its incedible success.

Saving dogs to save yourself

Today, Zach Skow spends his days travelling around the country, helping dogs get a second chance in their life. But over a decade ago, he himself was in need of rescuing. 

When he was 28 years old, Zach's life as an alcoholic led him to the edge of death. As Skow told People:

Ten years ago I had end-stage liver disease and less than 90 days to live without a liver transplant.

Zach couldn't get a trasnplant because of his drinking habits. One day, Skow looked at his three rescue dogs and realized they rely on him, he was responsible for their lives. He realized that, by ruining himself, he was sentencing them, as well. His dogs didn't see the dying man, they always looked at him with love and something clicked in him:

My dogs were all looking at me like I was the sexiest man alive. They didn’t see the desperation, they just saw the person that they love. They were looking forward to a future.

Skow decided to get better by excercising and quitting his bad habit. Shortly after, Zach was able to get healthy and didn't even need a transplant anymore. He owed his transformation to his dogs, because it's the love and care he had for them that saved him.

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Zach established Marley's Mutts to let others see what a dog can do for a person:

What I have found is my purpose. I am a professional dog rescuer and people saver. I rescue dogs to rescue people. I really hope people will look into giving a dog a second chance. Rescue dogs know, they carry with them immeasurable amounts of love.

Skow wants everyone to know how powerful a relationship between a person and a dog can be. It's beautiful, unconditional and, as we've learnt from Zach's experience, can save lives.

True saviors

Dogs are beyond fascinating creatures. They aren't just loyal and protective of their owners, but also help each other. One viral video showed how a dog helped his friend, who was on the verge of drowning in a pool. The brave dog jumped in the water himself to help get his struggling friend to safety. Luckily, both dogs ended up safe and sound.

All dogs deserve love and care. There's nothing more heartwarming then seeing a rescue dog find a new home. So, if anyone is capable of helping out an animal, one should never hesitate to do so.

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