Woman Gave Up Her Entire Fancy House To 1100 Cats And Lives In A Trailer Instead

Date February 26, 2019 16:41

Lynea Lattanzio from California gave up her 4,200 square foot house to more than a thousand felines and doesn’t regret it at all.

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Now, the woman lives in a trailer and takes care of all the cats, who reside in her house. Animals enjoy their life, running freely in a big five-bedroom house, and they are indeed lucky to live there.

Lynea Lattanzio is the founder of the Cat House On The Kings, which is known as California’s largest no-cage, no-kill shelter for feral and abandoned cats. The cat lady takes care of her pets together with a team of devoted volunteers, who are ready to help her with everything.

Together, they take care of 800 adult cats and 300 kittens. They are so inspiring!

People’s reaction

Of course, such an unusual lady couldn’t be left without the public’s admiration. People keep leaving comments, writing she deserves a reward for such a kind and open heart. Of course, a lot of them can’t imagine how is it even possible to clean the house after so many cats living there. But it seems the woman has time for everything!

Others were making jokes, pretending she is asked by some strangers about the actual number of her pets.

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This lady needs an award

@Kay Fah:

Imagine asking this woman if she has any pets 😂

@Dom Pin:

She can take care of 1,100 and I can barely take care of one. HOW?

@black nickleback: this heaven??

@Jeoncake uwu:

As a cat lover who’s also extremely allergic, I’d die from both not being able to breathe and a cuteness overload.

@Glymm3r P:

Mom said me having 3 cats was too much...

@Carly’s Catch:

How does she not have any cat hair on her? 😂


She be like: MY house? You mean the CATS’ house...

@Miranda Lie:

my only goal in life is to visit this place

Reasons to adopt a pet

In shelters, there are plenty of animals who are waiting for their new family and hope to get a happy life. Here are some of the reasons to adopt a pet, according to the Helping Hands:

  • by taking a pet from a shelter, you save a life;
  • breaking the cycle of pet overpopulation;
  • possibility to choose your pet from a large number of other animals, who also live in a shelter;
  • you adopt a pet who has received good care.

Woman Gave Up Her Entire Fancy House To 1100 Cats And Lives In A Trailer InsteadGoncharov_Artem /

Lynea Lattanzio gave up her entire big and fancy house to a more than a thousand cats, and she is happy to take care of them.

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