Brave Dog Swims 5 Miles To Find Her Owner After Accidentally Jumping Off A Boat

Date July 23, 2018

One of the scariest things ever is losing your pet and fearing you may never see them again. For this dog owner, the fact that his beloved pet came back to him was truly a miracle. 

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What are the chances of finding a lost pet?

According to a lost pet survey, there are actually not as many reported cases of missing dogs and cats as most would think. In fact, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals study found that only 15% of pet owners reported having lost their animals.

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And the good news is that 93% of dogs and 75% of cats were returned safely.

Rosie's story

If you're in doubt as to how lost animals somehow find their way back to their families unharmed, perhaps, Rosie's story will be the proof you need. 

The Siberian Husky and her owner, Scott Crewell, were taking a tour on his boat one night when Rosie got into trouble. Scott had just taken off Rosie's life vest to dry it, but as they were riding back, the dog spotted some ducks and made a dive, determined to chase the birds. 

Within a split second, Scott lost sight of his dog in the darkness. The dog owner was very scared, especially when he heard sounds of Rosie nearing one of the dangerous parts of the lake. All night, Scott searched for his beloved dog.

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The next day, he called his meteorologist friend Steve who posted an urgent message on his Facebook page. Although he continued his search, what Scott didn't realize was that he had a brave dog indeed.

Rosie managed to swim five miles, all the way to the shoreline. A fisherman who read all about her story on Facebook found the dog and thanks to him, Rosie was reunited with his owner.

The dog was quickly taken in for a check-up and apart from a little eye irritation, Rosie was just fine. 

A heartwarming story

Rosie's courage left many people amazed. They took to social media and had nothing but praises for the dog. 

We agree, Rosie sure did a wonderful job of making her way home. 

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