Viral Snap Of Dog Carrying Its Own Food And Seeking Shelter Becomes A Symbol Of Hurricane Harvey

Date March 11, 2019

Hurricane Harvey destroyed many lives when it hit Texas on August 25 in 2017. It caused billions of dollars in damage, more than any other natural disaster in the U.S., except Hurricane Katrina.

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Everyone along the Texas Gulf shores felt the damaging powers of it, including animals. But one dog has shown that life never stops and we need to move on even though we might think that there is no future.

The symbol of resilience

Otis, who is the German Shepherd mix, was spotted trotting the ruined streets of Sinton, Texas, after the Hurricane Harvey passed the town. The dog was carrying a bag of his own food in his mouth, looking for shelter.

When the storm hit Sinton, Otis got loose from his owner, Salvador Segovia's, porch. The dog was the best friend of his five-year-old grandson, Carter, and when the family realized that he ran away, the little boy was left heartbroken.

But the smart dog didn’t go too far and Segovia's neighbor, Tiele Dockens, spotted Otis walking by. Tiele took a quick snap of the animal which has since become a viral sensation.

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Little Carter is suffering from asthma and Otis helps him by alerting when the attack comes. So maybe the loyal pet was just looking for his friend to make sure that he is ok.

People commented on social media

Social media users praised the smart dog with @Elaine Nieminen saying:

God bless his heartfelt soul , and never underestimate the power of animals. They are so smart and seem to get it. They show what we as humans neef to understand and put to effect. Xxoo

@Donna Weiss agreed and noted that Otis was probably planning to feed others, while @Rosemary Saunders added:

OMG what a very smart doggie...he heard donations are needed for everyone including Pets so he decided to help out.

Since the viral snap made the news, Otis the dog was dubbed as the symbol of Hurricane Harvey and true Texan resilience.

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