Clever Dog Who Pretended To Be Stray To Score Free McDonald's Gets Caught In Action By Her Owner


May 24, 2019 18:03 By Fabiosa

Despite what the science says, our pets can surprise us with their mastermind abilities. Whoever said that dogs are not that smart, check this adorable pooch out. She gained fame for a clever little skim she came up with to get herself free food.

Clever Dog Who Pretended To Be Stray To Score Free McDonald's Gets Caught In Action By Her OwnerTami Freed /

Princess’ plan

An adorable dog called Princess came up with an impressive plan to get free dinner every night. According to her owner, Betsey Reyes, Princess sneaked out of her house nightly to a nearby McDonald’s. She then positioned herself near the drive-through and waited for her ‘preys'. Every time a customer drove by, Princess turned on her puppy eyes and pretended to be stray to guilt them into giving her free food.

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If this is not genius, we don’t know what is! Reyes took to Facebook to hilariously shame her canine friend and warn the locals to not feed her ‘fat’ pet, saying that she is definitely not a stray.

Betsey even showed a prof when she caught Princess in actions and took a few videos of her. That moment when the clever dog realizes that it’s her owner in the car and not a random customer is priceless!

But there is something unexpected that came out of this story. Reyes’ blast turned Princess into a real internet superstar. She even was mentioned on James Corden Show!

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People commented on Facebook

This is definitely the funniest thing we’ve seen all day! Has your dog ever done something that you thought is brilliant?

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