Make Way For The Puppy Nanny: "The Ellen Show" Shared This Video Of A Sleepy Dog Rocking A Baby

Date May 25, 2018

There’s an old saying that a dog is a "man's best friend" and in many ways, the saying is true. Dogs make for awesome companions, no matter your age. The modern domestic dog may have evolved from wolves and still hold on to some common traits but when well taken care of, they forge a friendship that outlasts lifetimes.

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Once upon a time, dogs were not regarded as particularly friendly though. Before the discovery of the rabies vaccine in 1869, dogs were considered vicious and feral. But it’s been a while since the 18th century and now, there are more domestic dogs in households all over the world than ever before.

Looking for a babysitter?

The Ellen Show shared this adorable video of a pit-bull that seemed to be rocking a baby in a cradle. While it is likely that someone set it up to look real, it is cute seeing the sleepy-eyed pooch sitting calmly beside the baby.


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Do you have a dog but still bothered about finding a nanny for your baby or toddler? A sleepy pup may be the right for the job. Dogs retain a pack-mentality from their wolf ancestors and by default, sense that little ones need protection, whether they are animal babies or human.

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They may be cute but exercise caution

While domestic dogs are not generally prone to random acts of aggression, it is still advisable to keep them away from babies. Animals can be very unpredictable and there is ample proof that even without provocation domestic animals can lash out at people.

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With little children, the chances of sustaining life-threatening injuries are a lot higher due to the difference in size. If you insist on having a pet dog around your babies or children, make sure they are always supervised. This way, the children are protected.

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