Orphan Kitten Meets A Dog Who Lost Her Pups And They Become A Family

Date May 30, 2018

A tiny kitten was brought to an animal shelter for a second life chance. That’s where she met a dog who'd just lost all her puppies.

The street dog, Amira, was found pregnant by Mohammad Alaa Jaleel who founded Il Gattaro d'Aleppo (The Cat Man of Aleppo) and provides shelter for cats. When the dog went into labor, all three puppies died.

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The dog was very sad and laid on the floor completely alone. At one moment, the kitten walked by and started to snuggle.

It seems Junior, the tiny kitten, wanted to comfort Amira and show that she is not alone in this big world. At first, the dog was too heartbroken to react, but slowly, everything changed.

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The dog was now playing with the kitten and tending to her like a mother would to her puppies. It is so touching to observe them!

Amira and Junior are doing everything together like one family. Amira always shares her food with tiny kitten and watches her every step.

This caring dog needs the kitten just as much as the kitten needs her. They found each other!

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