Pig Patrol! People Friendly Pig Goes Viral After She Spooked A Man By Following Him Around

Date May 24, 2018

Amid the calls, the law enforcement officers get, it is not unlikely that they get a lot of prank calls or emergency calls for flimsy reasons. And so, they never hesitate to act on suspicious requests.

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A concerned caller

A man from North Ridgeville, Ohio, experienced this hesitation after he called law enforcement in the area to report that a pig was following him everywhere.

He was walking home from the train station in North Ridgeville when he noticed the pig hot on his trail. He grew uncomfortable when it became clear to him that the pig was intent on going anywhere he went.

Concerned, he called the police and they immediately dismissed his distress call with the response, "A pig, riiight!"

Was he hallucinating?

According to a report on The Dodo, the North Ridgeville police department believed that they were dealing with a drunk man who was hallucinating, but they sent a dispatch to him anyway.

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They made the concession only because he had called them in spite of his 'drunken state'. The officers soon learned that the man was sober and indeed being followed around by a pig.

People-oriented pig

The disoriented animal was taken to the police station and attempts were made to locate her owner. They soon have found that the pig's name was Zoey, and she is a pet of a local family.

She had simply tried to make a new friend, but the man was clearly not a fan of pigs.

Zoey's interest in people may not be appreciated by this particular man, but online, she has found lots of new fans.

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