Roger, Australia's Beloved Schwarzenegger-Esque Kangaroo, Has Died At Age 12

Date December 11, 2018 13:13

Back in 2015, the folks on the internet were sent into a frenzy when the videos and the pics of a six-and-a-half feet tall Australian kangaroo went viral. Roger (also known as Kangaroo Jacked) was out of ordinary. He could boast of six-pack abs and an impressive set of pecs that would make any gym enthusiast jealous.

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Besides, Roger was extremely strong, as he could crush a metal bucket with his hands. But at the same time, he was also sensitive and loved cuddling stuffed toys.

But unfortunately, Australia has just lost its legend

As reported by TMZ, the red kangaroo with a Schwarzenegger-esque physique has passed away at the age of 12. His owner Chris Barnes explained that the death was of old age, as such species live from 8 to 12 years. Roger also dealt with vision loss and arthritis:

Sadly Roger has passed away of old age. He lived a lovely long life and was loved by millions around the world.

Roger’s son is as impressive as his father

Before he retired in 2016, Roger was an alpha male in his group. But then, his son Monty took over. Now, the younger kangaroo is 6 years old and is already taller than his dad!

It’s in the genes!

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