Circus Performances Are Breathtaking But Behind The Beautiful Picture Hides Horrifying Animal Abuse

Date November 6, 2018 17:12

Animals not always have been in circuses, yet they quickly became one of the essential parts after their appearance. Although they certainly add up to any show’s presentation with all those mind-blowing, spectacular tricks, circus animal abuse remains a very controversial issue. Many people believe that such practice should’ve been banned from the very beginning, when the first animals appeared in the early nineteenth century simply for display purposes.

Isaac A. Van Amburgh is considered to be the first man to perform with animals, as well as the first animal trainer. Ever since, thousands of animal abuse cases have been documented: from neglect to physical abuse. How would you train a grown lion not to eat a human if not with the help of some form of violence against it? The history of animal abuse in circuses is absolutely disgusting.

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Animal abuse in circuses: pros and cons

Unfortunately, the problem of animal abuse in circuses has received the public’s attention just recently due to numerous lawsuits. There are many points of view regarding the possible solution: from simply improving the quality of living conditions for animal performers to completely eliminating animals from circuses. Though contemporary circuses do not use animals unlike the traditional ones, there is a positive side of the issue. Let’s look at the pros and cons of animals in circuses.

The pros:

  1. Some animals are on the brink of extinction, particularly elephants and tigers. Breeding these animals in captivity would increase the chances of their survival.
  2. Cultural traditions are surely something that is worth fighting for. Spain has bullfighting (which is extremely cruel), whereas we have circuses with animals. This is where different views on the term animal abuse collide.
  3. Many circuses simply go bankrupt without their animal performances.

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The cons:

  1. The most obvious reasons why animals should not be in circuses are continuous abuse and horrible, unnatural living conditions. Every major circus that uses animals has violated the animal care standards. Most of the time they spend behind bars.
  2. Animals age and become unfit for performances. Though some circuses support their own retired animals, others would often simply euthanize them.
  3. There are multiple cases of people and especially children that died of the wild “trained” animals that were done performing. The 20-year-old elephant, Tyke, rebelled and ran away from the circus in August 1994. She left many people severely injured and even killed her trainer.
  4. Not a single animal born in circuses has ever been released into the wild. Such animals are being trained to perform since their childhood.

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Animal abuse in circuses: 5 most horrible facts

  1. Physical abuse is a predominant type of animal abuse in circuses for training purposes. Food and water deprivation are also common practices.
  2. As many as 31 circus elephants died prematurely in the period from 1994 to 2005.
  3. Since 1990, as many as 126 big cats have died only in the US circuses. Moreover, the wild animals have killed 23 humans.
  4. Circus animals spend most of their lives traveling chained, in small cages, often standing in their own waste. Animals often go crazy in such unnatural conditions: incessant pacing, hurting themselves, falling into depression.
  5. Although there are strict laws against cruelty to animals in circuses, most of the cases are ignored, including even the most severe ones. Therefore, such circuses continue abusing animals and making money on it.

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We believe that only those people who don’t know about the horrific abuse can be entertained by circus animals. Which is why such circuses can no longer be considered family-friendly shows. The big question is why would anyone support such horrible mistreatment of animals? Just because of the entertainment and money? We believe that such outrageous animal abuse should not be tolerated. If you became a witness of circus animal abuse, report it to your local humane society or call 9-1-1. And remember, every bought ticket directly supports the animals’ suffering. Let’s make this place a bit better for everyone, every living creature.

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