Mom Promises To Let Son Adopt A Dog If His Post Gets 1 Million Retweets, And The Story Goes Viral

Date June 12, 2018 14:11

Have you ever gone through a struggle of convincing other family members to agree to adopt or buy a pet? Surely, there can be different situations that affect their decision, like having too much work, no space, or no money. However, sometimes, our near and dear agree to get a furry friend, but only under several conditions.

On June 9, Ryan Sesselman announced on Twitter that his mom promised to let him adopt a new puppy if his post gets 1 million retweets. In his turn, the man says that he will do everything possible to make this little German Shepherd happy.

For the most part, the folks on the internet rejoiced at the tweet. Many supported Ryan in his desire to adopt the pup and even concluded that the man and the dog were meant for each other. I mean, just look at how lovingly the poppy is staring at Sesselman in the pictures above.

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Some criticized Ryan for not taking the dog home immediately. After all, when he gets 1 million retweets, the pup can already be adopted by someone else.

Still, Ryan has good chances of getting the dog. As of June 12, the post had more than 450 thousand retweets! And it’s definitely not the end, as Twitter users actively ask their friends and acquaintances to help the pup have a loving family.

Would you support this young man?

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