Cute Or Creepy: Lykoi Cats That Look Like Wolves Are Gaining Worldwide Popularity

Date November 22, 2019

Science is developing so quickly that new animals are found around the world every day, proving we really don’t know all that much about our planet.

And if you ever wished you could own a cat with the personality of a dog…or maybe just need a spooky-looking cat in your life… there is one for you!

Meet the Lykoi (Greek word for wolf) cat, a breed of cats that has only existed since about 2010.

Lykoi cats breed

They have a natural mutation from a domestic short-haired cat that causes them to have no undercoat which makes them look like shaggy, little wolves.

Dr. Johnny Gobble, a veterinarian and founding breeder of this cat said the mutation began appearing in domestic shorthair cats about 20 years ago. He began breeding Lykoi in 2010.

Also referred to as the ‘werewolf cat’, Lykoi cats have no hair around the eyes, nose and ears. Some of them even have webbed feet!

The eyes are large, luminous and often bold yellow in color. The ears are large and tapered. Like any cat, they have big, sharp teeth. The overall build of a Lykoi is slender yet muscular.

Lykoi cats personality

Not only do Lykoi cats look like wolves, but their demeanor is similar to that of a hound dog while they are driven by scent and considered to be very intelligent. They may look different but they are perfectly healthy, loyal and friendly.

Gobbles described the personality of Lykoi cats in a FAQ on his website:

“I like to compare the Lykoi to hunting dogs. They are extremely loyal to their owners (slaves), very scent motivated (yes, many cats are...but these guys go almost ‘on point’ when they get a whiff of something!), and very intelligent. They are aware of EVERYTHING going on around them. They can be clingy at times, but generally if you are too busy to snuggle they will take ‘no’ as an answer and will go amuse long as they are close enough to keep an eye on you!”

The breed was officially recognized by The International Cat Association (TICA) in 2012.

Now the price of a Lykoi kitty starts at $1,500. Well, considering the fact that there are so many kitties in need of homes at local animal shelters that don’t cost that much, the price is a little bit expensive, isn't it?

Spending an obscene amount of money to acquire a fancy pet only matters to your wallet… not your pet.

Well, we still should admit that this mixture of cute and creepy is fascinating! Moreover, they are unique as there are less than 150 standard Lykoi in the world, and that number includes both pets and breeding animals. So the person who buys it will obviously have something to boast about. What do you think of this breed? Do you want to cuddle them… or run away? Don't hesitate to share your opinion with us.

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