Hero Among Animals! Horse Ran Into Danger To Help Guide Other Horses To Safety Due To Moving Wildfire

Date October 31, 2019

Horses can be very brave and helpful creatures. One of such moment happened during California wildfire as a horse ran into danger to help others like itself.

California wildfire

A massive wildfire has erupted in northern California, United States. The blaze which has been dubbed Easy-Fire started in Simi Valley, California. According to KCBS, the flame burned more than 1,300 acres in a few hours.

The fire has threatened the burial place of late president Ronald Reagan and his wife. Residents in the area have had to evacuate their homes as the winds fuelled the wildfire. Meanwhile, electricity has been shut off for millions of people in an effort to prevent more fires.

A hero among animals!

People online have hailed a black horse as a hero after it ran into the California wildfire to help guide other horses that were trapped to safety.

The animal was caught on camera by CBS News in a dramatic moment running into danger as a rapid moving brush fire closed in.

The fire which was burning in the area had caused the animals to run for cover. With the help of majorly, the horse and strangers around all horses were safe.

However, a mare had to be put to death immediately after she broke her two front legs trying to escape.


@Deb Wilkerson

Oh, my. My prayers for all, human and animal

@Christy Patterson

My God this is heartbreaking 💔 I'm praying so hard for all the families and animals, how terrifying

@Janice Ligon

I hope they are all safe. This is all so horrific and sad.

@Karen Nash

My prayers for a safe rescue of these beautiful horses and for all who are helping. 🙏

With such a noble goal in mind, we wish this courageous animal all the best.

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