Woman Finds A Puppy In Her Backyard, But After DNA Tests Came Back Turned Out It Wasn't A Dog – It Was Actually A Dingo!

Date November 4, 2019 15:13

A woman started a heated discussion on social media because she couldn't determine whether she found a dog or a fox in her backyard. Turns out, her discovery was more surprising than she thought at first.

DNA test to the rescue

The Australian woman woke up in the middle of the night after hearing noises from an animal in her background. She wrote on Twitter:

I woke up this morning hearing a whimpering on my bush block, l can't tell if it's a fox or a dog.

Apparently, the animal was dropped in her bushes by an eagle and looked like an adorable fluffy puppy, but the woman wasn't sure it was actually a dog. She took in the little one and named it Wandi.

People online suggested she took the animal to the vet to get some tests and find out who Wandi really was. After the Australian Dingo Foundation’s sanctuary got the results, it turned out that Wandi was actually a dingo:

After weeks of anxious waiting, results from UNSW's genetics lab revealed Wandi is a 100% pure Victoria highlands dingo.

The sanctuary shared on their social media that they will be taking care of Wandi from now on and she's doing perfectly fine:

Wandi will become part of our breeding program, adding new genes to increase strength and diversity of our captive insurance population of pure dingoes we have at our sanctuary.

What is a dingo?

Dingoes are considered a subspecies of wolf and are native to Australia. They can be dangerous if not handled properly and usually hunt in group of 2-12 individuals.

We're happy that Wandi is now reunited with her fellow brothers and sisters!

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